Why "The Big Picture Machine"?

The obvious answer is it makes pictures. But, it also provides the big product picture, hence the name.

Do you have an API?


Can we just use and pay for the Image and Render server?

Absolutely. The Big Picture Machine is a suite of tools and you only need to license what makes sense for your application and environment.

How is it different than other platforms?

In short: The Big Picture Machine is all you need and you get beautiful images, sustainable content, with absolutely no additional coding or personel needed.

What is the biggest problem this platform solves?

It's sustainable. In fact, every current customer continues to add new content and take advantage of new features because it's so easy and cost-effective to do so.

Why images and not use a true 3D model?

Actually, everything is based on a 3D model. And, The Big Picture Machine does have a 3D model viewer. Most of our clients choose the image based approach for efficiency and quality. That may change over time with increasing data bandwidth.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the size of the implementation. It's priced to be affordable for small and mid-sized business and scalable to support enterprise applications.

Can we add our own content?

No, we're in charge of that. But, once we add it to your implementation you have full control over what to show.

Can we add our own material swatches?

Absolutely, through your portal you'll have access to the Swatch Manager where you can add, remove, edit and unpublish swatches.

How does it integrate stylistically with our site?

There's a couple of ways. We include css tailoring in the implementation costs - typically, we'll update the fonts and colors to match your site. If our template's not for you, then we'll work together to design and build whatever UI/UX your brand requires.

What products can The Big Picture Machine work with?

Any product - from just a couple options to 100s of options.

What about space planning?

The Big Picture Machine is not really designed for space planning, however our Augmented Reality module will allow viewport based space planning through your phone or tablet.