Machine Core

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Optional Add Ons.

Augment your machine with optional components for added features and benefits.

Dynamo | UI Engine

Traditionally, developing a User Interface for a product configurator is a time-consuming and costly process.

Dynamo, in conjunction with our Advanced Content, shreds those costs and dramatically shrinks the product development window. This translates into massive cost-reduction, reduces or elimates staff needed to support the tool, and paves the way for continued feature development and new content introductions.

SIFGrinder | SIF Reader/Writer

Primarly developed for our clients within the Contract Furniture space, the SIF Reader / Writer does precisely that; it reads and writes product SIF data for pricing and options fidelity at a per SKU level.

SIF import feature allows The Big Picture Machine to extend real-time pricing, material options, complex SKU data, and much more to your audience. The export feature enables configurated content to be utilized downstream in softwares such as Configura, Cap/Giza, and 20/20 connecting the intial web-engagement with the buying process.

Tearsheet | PDF Writer

Our PDF Writer was designed to provide a take-away service - digital or print. It can be styled to brand and contain anything that is available within the digital tool.

It's a perfect way to capture and share new configurations amongst design teams, project stakeholders, and ultimately customers.

xReality | Augmented Reality

Coming Q4, 2018

Our Augmented Reality Server is being designed to leverage The Big Picture Machine content, snapping it in to Augmented Reality platforms such as Apple's ARKit and Googles ARCore.

More details to follow in the upcoming months.

Prolink | API

Designed for business with technical teams, our API gives direct access to Machine Core. This allows for complete control of the experience along with all of the features within Machine Core.

Datamine | Advanced Reporting

Get control of your data and understand what's being selected, where it's being requested from, and who's asking for it.

You'll get access to excellent reporting and graphing tools so you can analyze and make decisions based on real world metrics.


Dont sweat the small stuff, we can handle it.

3D Model Creation

Not everyone has perfect engineering data to start with. And, even with perfect data some components need to be rebuilt so they look correct rendered.

Scan, Tile & Color-Correct

Many configurators require digitzed scans that show surface material options. We scan, tile (make repeatable), and color-correct materials for use in not only or tools but anywhere a good material swatch is needed.