Our Story

20 Years in the making.

Although The Big Picture Machine is a brand new company, our story is much greater. It's the outcome of success, failure, and a passion for products that led us to build the most robust web based product configuration platform on the market. Much like the worlds greatest athletes, the strongest business leaders, and the most renown actors, there was a beginning - where hard work, late hours, and relentless effort was required to deliver a world-class product-centric visual sales tool.

The people part of this come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a specific skill set and knowledge base that defines us. We're problem solvers and idea people who love to listen and respond to what's happening in the worlds' marketplace. The tools we build are designed to yield results, bring delight, and simplify complex product concepts into one, easy to understand package. That's the premise of The Big Picture Machine; it unpacks vastly expansive product data, presents it clearly and cohesively, and makes often times mundane transactional business fun. It's a winning scenario for our customers and an easy to engage process for the audience present.

We can't predict the future, but we do know where we've come from. That's the most important aspect of our proposition - why make the same mistakes with problems we've already solved through our 20 years of experience with real clients?